Dear Harper-Collins...

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m Jelsa Mepsey, an Inkpopper who Top Fived in October 2010 and December 2011.

I was hoping to get my project, Facades, into the Top Five in March 2012.

I didn’t push hard to get it in sooner was because I wanted it ready before it landed on an editor’s desk. However, that was when Harper-Collins shut Inkpop down. Before Inkpop shut down, everyone was promised their reviews. I received my December 2011 project’s review on April 6, 2012, which unfortunately did not come in time for a project I turned in on April 5, 2012 that I wanted the review for. There are also other issues Inkies such as myself have been expressing opinions on for quite some time that need to be shown to the public.

First issue: The three-day notice just before Inkpop shut down. I went out to dinner that night and came home in a fairly good mood. After checking Facebook, which was exploding with the news, I ran to the site and found that it was true. Inkpop was shutting down. I would never get to my second Inkieversary, which would’ve been March 2, 2012.

Here are the responses of some other Inkies:

Vlog Project!!!

So, my friends and I (AKA "The Sleepless Writers") are starting a Vlog project for writers. I posted my video today, so if you guys are interested in watching it, here you go! Please subscribe to our channel (sleeplesswriters) if you're interested in seeing everyone else's videos too! They have a lot to say :).