About Jelsa

I dislike putting up pictures of myself. Oh well. Please excuse the fact that my hair is now at least half a foot longer than shown in this picture.

Photo Credit: Connie Cheng

I look like I'm 16, but I'm actually 23! I married my favorite extrovert and best friend, Justin, in October 2016. I am a stay-at-home dog mommy who splits most of her free time between writing and church. In my spare time I'm a decent rock climber despite my short height, a musician with near perfect pitch, and probably play too much Candy Crush. As a nondenominational Protestant, I'm also heavily involved at my local church. (Disclaimer: My characters are not a mouthpiece for my beliefs. They are not meant to be. Please do not judge Christians based off of what they do because they themselves are, for the most part, not religious.)

Also, my dog Waffles says hi. (Yes, I made a collage of my dog.)