Blog Tour: Commence Week Two

It's been almost a week since Picture Imperfect came out. I can hardly believe it!

As usual, here are the links to today's blog posts!

Character Spotlight: Melly Hewson

Blog Tour (Day 4), In Which I Break a Rule

What is this big rule that I'm breaking, you may ask? Well, we authors typically do not respond to reviews from readers for a myriad of reasons, and also don't usually link to them. However, because this review is part of the blog tour, that is an exception, so enjoy!

Blog Tour, Day 3 (AKA a special person's birthday!)

My youngest brother turned 18 today, which means all my parents' children are officially adults! I wonder how they feel about that.

Today also happens to be day 3 on the blog tour, so here are the usual links to all my guest posts!

Deleted Scene
The Road to Publication
10 Things I Wish I Knew about being an author that I didn't know before

Blog Tour: Release Day Posts

It's release day and boy, has it been crazy busy! I would love to post links to all the blitz day posts, but there are simply too many, so I'm going to just do my usual links to the official blog tour posts this time around.

Spotlight post
Dear Readers - my letter to you!