This is why my blog is cool!

This is a feature I hope to start for my blog. But to do that, I need your help!
The blog post I will be putting up on my blog soon should explain itself.
Oh, look. It’s another writer’s blog. There’s a lot of those out there. But Jelsa wants hers to be special, so she’s going to add a feature to her blog:
Basically, you can ask me just about any question on your mind. It can be writing related, life related, or any random questions you want to aim at me that I didn’t cover in my about me section, if you’re really that curious about my ridiculous life. To participate, all you need to do is email your question to This is the format I would like you to follow.
Dear Jelsa,
I need some tips on writer’s block! Do you have any for me?
Then I’ll write something like this to you.
Dear Stuck,
Here is a guest post I did on my friend’s block! If you click this link, it should be really helpful for you.
Love, Jelsa
*Note: If a life-related issue is extremely personal, I will still answer your question if you’d like over email. There are some things that are a little sensitive to put on the Internet, and I understand that. After you write your little blurb to me, write, “P.S. I would prefer you to respond over email.” That way, I can still try to help you.
***Jelsa is not responsible for damage that comes about from following her advice. She is not a professional, but she will do her best when she creates her responses.***
What are you waiting for? Send an email! Who knows? I might choose yours to be the first responses I answer!


  1. i like a guy a lot... but every guy i've liked hasnt liked me, and every guy whos liked me, i havent liked. im really scared cuz it seems like a pattern now... that is, that every guy i like is destined to hate me. and im worried that he hates me! i like him sooooo much though. :/ i cant help it. but i beat myself up over it all the time...

  2. I would really appreciate it if you emailed this to me and it was in proper capitalization/spelling/all that fun jazz, because I will be putting it up along with my response. :). Could you please try to do it again?