Random Writer’s Block Tip #1

Okay, this one is weird and I literally thought of it two seconds ago, but give it a shot. True writers don’t care if people think they’re crazy, right?

Most projects will have at least one main character. Go to your room. Make sure no one is around and will interrupt you. Then ask your character why he/she is being so frustrating. You might have some interesting conversations, learn something about him/her you didn’t know before, or at the very least, distract yourself from all your earlier stress.

Here’s how some of my typical convos with my characters go.

Jelsa: Okay, Trey. What’s your deal?

Trey: What’s my deal? What’s your deal?

Jelsa: *sighs* You know what I mean. Why is your story so hard to write?

Trey: Well, it’s your own fault.

Jelsa: Well! Thanks for reminding me!

Trey: *smirks* You’re welcome.

Jelsa: You’re weird.

Trey: You made me that way.

Jelsa: Oh yeah, I did do that.

Trey: Exactly.

Jelsa: What?

Trey: Exactly.

Jelsa: You’re confusing me.

Trey: That was my goal.

Jelsa: Okay. Now I’m mad at you. *picks up pencil*

Trey: What are you doing…?

Jelsa: You’ll see!

Writer’s block solved. Sort of. I was having some trouble with his story, to be perfectly honest, so that was a fun conversation to have. You don’t have to say it out loud if you don’t want to; writing down the conversation is perfectly fine too. But make sure it’s recorded somewhere where you can listen/see it again, because you never know. You might say interesting things to each other and want to relive the memories.

Hope that helps? Heh.


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