Wacky Wednesday: Pitch Madness

Wacky Wednesday is for featuring different authors, websites, and other resources that may be useful. It may also be used to highlight a book I particularly enjoy.

Today's Wacky Wednesday is an event highlight! I found my publishing company through participating in Pitch Madness. I participated in the Twitter version, but for those who are interested in catching agents' attention, this event is for you!

For the original post and information, click here. This is the gist of Pitch Madness as I understand it:

  • Happens biannually (March and September)
  • Writers submit a 35-word pitch and the first 250 words of their manuscript
  • 60 entries are chosen to go on to the next round
This event is happening next on March 10, so if you have something that's ready for submission, give it a shot! Best of luck to you if you enter. Do not submit incomplete or unpolished work! Agents will not take kindly to it, and your fellow writers who are ready may not get a well-deserved spot.

Usually a twitter pitch contest will soon follow this, so don't worry if you don't get in! Besides, querying is about trying, trying, and trying again. I'll try to spotlight it when I know the date.

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