Wacky Wednesday: OneWord Prompts

As a writer, I know I often run out of things to write about despite the folder of at least a hundred plot bunnies that I have. There are also days when I really want to write something, but I don't have a lot of time to do it. Usually, I have at least one spare moment, and that's when OneWord is a really great resource.

Upon entering the site, you can choose to write about the prompt that will appear if you click the "go" button. You have sixty seconds to write about whatever is inspired by that word. If you choose to create an account, you can store all your prompts on it, and after writing your prompt, you even have the opportunity to read what others have written. It's really a great resource for when there isn't a lot of time but you're still itching to write anyway.

Here is a sample from what I wrote in sixty seconds based on the word "walls":

Walls. We build them to protect ourselves. To hide behind them. To make sure no one sees who we really are. We are afraid that if the walls fall, then everything will shatter.
Why are we so afraid to show who we are? To let the walls fall down? To be authentic. To be real. To stop hiding behind facades, but to really be the people we really are? Why do we find it easier to be fake? To lie to ourselves, instead of telling the truth and showing the truth?

Obviously, it's not perfect, and what someone writes in sixty seconds usually isn't. But it can be the start to something. It can be a character's journal entry, or poetry, or a short story. In short, prompts are a really wonderful resource to challenge yourself and think outside the box, so I highly recommend this resource as a way to jog your brain.

Visit OneWord by clicking on this link!

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