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It is my turn to post about my writing process! Thanks to Keely Brooke Keith for tagging me to post this week.

Next, for the questions I answered:

1) What am I working on?
I am working on publishing Second Chance next month on July 15. Currently, I am also rewriting a novel called Solid Ground, a story about weather curses that also focuses on many themes found in realistic fiction. As for my editing project, I am working on hand-edits for Chains, a novel about an abusive relationship combined with a love triangle.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is difficult for realistic fiction, but I often layer and combine different ideas together in unique ways so as to not tire out a theme. For example, my project Facades combines themes of life and death while incorporating a photography project set in the main characters’ sophomore and junior years of high school. Chains’ combination about an abusive relationship from dual perspectives and its love triangle is unusual, and I enjoyed writing it. Most of my projects involve exploring combinations of events sparked by my imagination.

3) Why do I write what I do?
I write to bring awareness about certain difficulties people go through. For example, I write about abuse in several different forms, divorce, single-parent families, etc. I do this to personally learn how to understand people who go through these situations better, and in the hopes that my readers will learn to better connect with more fellow human beings as well.

4) How does my writing process work?
It looks different every day. For example, some days I wake up in the morning and write the moment I’ve finished brushing my teeth, breakfast in one hand, pen in the other. I normally write by hand, but if I’m doing rewrites I always use my computer, so it depends on what project I want to work on that day. To tell the truth, I could use a better balance between all my projects, but I tend to go with what I feel like that day since I don’t really have any deadlines. Every day, it looks different. Some days I crank out five thousand words, and others I barely manage one hundred. On other days, I don’t write anything at all. It can be difficult to find time to write in between rock climbing, church duties, and school, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Finally, I'm supposed to tag three people to be up next, but I only have one's info currently. I should get it from my other two friends soon and will edit in their info when I have it!


In her non-superhero life, Anah is a student at the University of Northern Colorado, studying semi-hard as an English major with a minor in writing. Although she’s always liked English, she never really considered writing outside of class until high school. Once she joined the seedy world of online writing websites she discovered her true passion: writing fiction.

Ever since then, Anah’s been writing about hot guys, monsters, and all-types of apocalypses. Her favorite genres are dystopia, paranormal, and futuristic fantasy.

While she’s never finished a novel, she completed various short stories. Her short story, Dusk Light was picked as the winner of The Dark Unwinding Contest by Sharon Cameron on

Anah is an editor and graphic designer for The Crucible, the student literary and arts magazine on her campus, as well as a blogger for the writing website, Hexbound. When she’s not sitting in class or making flyers, Anah is preparing vigilantly for the zombie/alien apocalypse, composing music, playing viola, and attempting to learn how to art.

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