Truth Thursday: Why I Interrupt the Normal Blog Flow

For the next two or three weeks (at least two, hopefully) I will be conducting a blog tour for Second Chance. I'm still continuing to line it up, as a lot of things are still being finalized due to some complications, but no worries! They have been smoothed out (I think) and the cover will be revealed very soon!

So as to not wear myself out from all the blog posts I've written and have been writing for this tour, I will simply link to the blogs on a daily basis that are participating in the blog tour. Due to needing the book's ISBN and cover on Goodreads, I haven't gotten as many blogs signed up as I would like to, but will be taking care of that once some of the kinks get worked out. Thankfully, the first week's worth of blogs have been lined up, so get ready to see what happens with that!

Finally, I'll be hosting a Goodreads giveaway, as well as a Rafflecopter giveaway here on my blog, and for the blog tour as well. Stay tuned to learn more!

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