Writing When You Don't Have Paper

Fellow writers, you'll understand what I mean when I say this. It's absolutely awful to go anywhere without a pen and paper. This is coming from the girl who snuck napkins and pens into her graduation because there were 1,200 people in her graduating class. (It literally took two hours to read all the names, so I thought this was acceptable.) However, there are times when I forget pens and paper, But it's not the end of the world! As technology has gotten better, I've used my phone countless times to jot down a story idea, part of a musical line or a few stanzas of poetry. When I wander around, my mind drifts to such places, and to prevent looking like a dork as I wander around, I find that jotting ideas down on my phone has been quite useful.

Then there's those of us who are a little old-fashioned who write on their hands, whether that's on your palm or on the back of it. I find that when I write on the back of my hand, it tends to stay much longer. I actually have a reminder for a school assignment written on the back of my hand right now. But in high school, writing on my hand more often consisted of random lyrics. I suppose I just dream and think way too much. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

That's my random little insight of the day. What about you? Do you write on your hands when you lack paper? Or have you turned to jotting things down on your phone? Please feel free to stop by, leave comments, etc.!

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